Beer Geeks



Jessica Beeby

Cat Herder

Jessica is a Michigan-native, born and raised in Kalamazoo. Love of arts led her to move to Boston to pursue a degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. After graduating, she decided to stay for a bit, which ended up being ten years. Jessica worked a number of different jobs that allowed her to build a variety of skill sets, essentially becoming a “Jack (or Jess) of all trades”. The organization, logistics, and creative problem solving are her cups of tea.

During her time in Boston, she met and fell in love with Brian…and craft beer. In 2016, Jessica and Brian found themselves at a crossroads and decided to take a leap and make a change in their life. Apparently not content to make small changes, they decided to change careers, learn a totally new business, and uproot their life and cats some 800 miles to find a new home in Grand Rapids.

So here they are: opening a bottle shop and bar concept in downtown Grand Rapids, called Craft Beer Cellar. Jessica and Brian studied intensively with the Craft Beer Cellar mothership, both earning their Certified Beer Server certificates in the Cicerone program. Jessica continues to pursue her beer studies and is dedicated to geeking out about art, cats, and of course beer.

Brian Beaucher

Beer Dungeon Master

Brian is an entrepreneur at heart and generally all around goofy person. As a child, he would play in the basement by putting price tags on things to bring to the toy cash register for purchase with play money. His favorite movie is AIRPLANE!, which he has watched far too many times. As an adult, his first foray into collecting real money was when he built a website to sell his photography. Somehow that led into starting a family business with his brother to sell antique maps and related map themed gifts in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This was a skills-learned-as-needed job, as Steven and Brian pretty much did everything themselves in the first few years. Brian took the lead on the responsibilities of building their e-commerce website, managing their dye sublimation production facility, and maintaining their robust IT infrastructure.

After selling maps for 12 years, Brian and his wife Jessica decided to move to Grand Rapids to open the Cellar. If you’re lucky enough to catch him behind the bar, you’ll be entertained by his mediocre puns. Outside of the bar, he’ll foster a cat or two, get lost in some space themed board games, and watch that slap stick comedy from the 80s just one more time. Shirley you’ve seen it too?

Brian has a formal education in Graphic Design, loves cats, and is an Eagle Scout.

Morgan Newald

Beer Geek

My name is Morgan, I’ve been rocking behind the bar for a little over a year now. I love to dance and have a good time. My favorite part about my job is finding the perfect beer for the pickiest of beer drinkers. My favorite beers are funky sours and juicy hazy IPAs.