Our Beer Bar

Belly up to our bar and enjoy one of 20 constantly rotating craft drafts. We generally have a wide range of styles ranging from light to dark, including sours and IPAs, plus a couple ciders. You can see our live draft list in the menu above. Don’t fancy something on the draft list? Grab your beverage of choice from our bottle shop and drink it at the bar. We have something for everyone.

We are a full bar! So yes, you can also get a Bloody Mary, bourbon, or basic cocktails.

Need a caffeine boost? We have two rotating nitro cold brew coffees on draft.

Got some underage family and friends with you? We have local craft Brix soda on draft as well. Free refills on soda pop!

We have a small menu of hot dogs, dive burgers, waffle fries and other bar snacks including big chewy pretzels from Nantucket Baking Company. Craving more? You are encouraged to bring your own food if you want a full meal. The Downtown Market across the street has many options that you can easily carry over. Feel free to order delivery or even make something at home to bring in. You are also welcome to bring in any other non-alcoholic beverages as well, including coffee and soda.

Downtown Market Vendors:

Per Michigan law, you are not allowed to bring in alcoholic beverages purchased somewhere else. Unfortunately, this also includes home brews. We know! We’re bummed about that too.

Okay, we’re serious Beer Geeks. We’re also serious geeks in general. Our bar has a selection of over 60 board games for you to enjoy. Feel free to bring your own too! Whether you play old school D&D, Scrabble, or new fangled Euro-style games like Catan, you’re welcome here.

Magic fan? Every Wednesday night a local group of gamers can be found playing Magic The Gathering. Bonus, it’s also the same night as our half price drafts for Kick The Keg.

Sundays are pretty chill at the Cellar. It’s easy to snag a table and enjoy a long gaming session. Happy Hour discounts are offered to anyone gaming on Sundays.